Sunday, May 8, 2011

What you got!

Oh baby, baby, baby give me one more chance!

Nights at the OPT.

Ms. Bubble

So... My friend Kate has been talking about this London blogger and says shes pretty much the bees knees.
Her name's Susie Bubble and she has the blog, Style Bubble.

Anyway, I'm in the bar at RAFW with Kate and she spots her. She pretty much pees her pants in excitement so we have to meet her. All went well, Kate sucked up the drool that was coming out of her mouth and the night went on happily.

Since that night, I have been watching this blog everyday. Kate was right, she IS amazing and says all the right things regarding whats hot and whats not, she LOOKS amazing in any crazy thing that she wears. Be it a thift store piece mixed with a high end piece. I want to buy what she likes. The girl is cool!


                                   It's not that I want it..... It's that I really, really neeeeed it!

Lotus Mendes

Victoria Cheatham - jewellery designer, close friend and owner of Lotus Mendes was showing her new range at RAFW last week and her display looked smashing, as did she! Be sure to check out her fabulous pieces at My favourites have to be the Goddess Rings and the Queen Mendes Necklaces!


I've had quite the exciting week leading to a very lazy weekend.
It was my first view of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and I loved, loved, loved it!
From meeting super stylish fashion editors for Vogue, to also meeting popular international bloggers such as Susie Bubble and showing off our new range to buyer from South Africa and Russia. Yeehah.

I actually thought that it would be a really intense week with all the crazy fashionistas, but everyone was super cool and laid back which made things a whole lot easier.

I got some shots of some street folk who I think looked pretty damn cool. Among the lot is Steph Kramer - blogger for Watermelon Crush and Nicole - creator of Gary Pepper Vintage.

                                                        Steph Kramer in action!
                                                      Billie Whitehouse and Bianca Pizem.
                                       Meg Gray eating a Werther's Original in her Prada outfit.
                                     Me, chilling out after a big day, about to see Marnie Skillings.
                                                        Kate Armstrong  

                                           Steph Kramer in Banjo and Matilda Cashmere Dress

                                                        Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage

A beginning!

So i've decided to jump on the blogger bandwagon.... Everyone seems to be doing these days, right? Well I guess I should explain to you a little about myself. Im a fashion designer who is pretty much trying to break into something huge though im unsure yet of what exactly that is. How cliche! Though Im working for a fantastic label and love the work that im doing now!

No more blabber - I have some piccies from our range that has just been shown at The Westin for Fashion Week. Exciting!